A solution for light pollution from wind turbines

Wind turbine

A solution has been found for the wind turbine light nuisance!

Memoco has developed a new technology that allows to activate or deactivate the lights remotely and according to the needs. This solution was first used by the company Eneco on several wind farms and, as you can see on our page, Luminus has recently decided to install it on some of its wind turbines.

Why value wind energy?

  • Wind energy is renewable, requires no fuel and produces no waste or greenhouse gases.
  • The land area required to build a wind farm is very small. When wind turbines are placed on agricultural land, the majority of the space is still available for agriculture or cattle farming.
  • Wind turbines are often more efficient in winter (the time of year when there is the most wind) and this is positive since we use more electricity in winter.

What are the criticisms usually made against wind turbines?

  • Their aesthetics: a main reproach of the wind turbine is that it does not integrate well in the landscape.
  • Their noise pollution
  • Their interference with the waves.
  • The impact on the environnement and especially on birds.
  • The light nuisance.

What if there were solutions to these nuisances?

  • Aesthetics: Over the years, many improvements have been made to limit this impact.
  • Noise pollution: to avoid this, sectoral conditions have been adopted with allowed noise limits that are stricter than the WHO recommendations.
  • Interference with waves: this was especially the case with the first wind turbines. No problem with the new generations!
  • Impact on the environment and birds: studies are made beforehand in order to place the wind turbines outside the migratory paths of the birds
  • Light pollution: Memoco has found the solution – The dynamic beaconing!

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