Retail EnergyBox
The energy control of the building

Based on its hardware development, Memoco has developed a system that allows the collection and control of different types of data: lighting, air-conditioning, alarm system…

This solution, the Retail EnergyBox, then sends the data to Memoco’s secure cloud.

Do you manage a large number of points of sale?

Do you want to make energy savings?

Do you want to make energy savings without reducing the comfort of your customers and staff?
Memoco offers a solution that easily adapts to diversity, does not require a local internet connection, and is quickly installed.

The energy operator can then see in real-time the consumption in his points of sale via a web interface.

Our systems significantly reduce energy costs while reducing the environmental footprint of brands.


Do you also want to reduce your electricity consumption?



Label Solar Impulse Foundation - 10/2020

Our Retail EnergyBox has been awarded the Solar Impulse label!

The Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label is awarded following a strict evaluation carried out by independent external experts.  It is the first to assess the economic profitability of products or processes that protect the environment.  It enables governments and companies to move forward with confidence in their search for solutions to meet their environmental commitments.

This internationally recognised label guarantees high standards of sustainability and profitability. It is a recognition for innovative companies and a guarantee of quality.

SDG num 7

Thanks to the Retail EnergyBox, Memoco is recognised as a sustainable company in Wallonia!

The Walloon Business Union has launched a campaign concerning 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for Walloon companies. A great initiative that highlights sustainable companies. The 17 SDGs form a global action plan to end poverty and take care of the planet by 2030.

Memoco’s Energy Box has been selected to be the example of goal number 7: Affordable and clean energy!


Studies and Consulting Office

Multi-source measurement and data collection

On-site installation

Rigor and attention to detail

Secure interfaces

Monitoring and maintenance of counting systems

Data collection and processing

Project Management


The Retail EnergyBox has recently been implemented in several stores of the LolaLiza clothing chain.

To meet the specific needs of the client, Memoco has developed a solution to optimize electricity consumption through the control of lights and air-conditioning through six specific events:

  • If alarm off: 30% of the lights on.
  • 5 minutes before opening: 100% of the lights on.
  • During the day: control of the air-conditioning with a defined temperature.
  • 30 minutes before closing time: air-conditioning off.
  • 5 minutes after closing: 70% of the lights off.
  • When activating the alarm: 100% of the lights off.
  • At a set time: switch the store window lighting on or off. 

The project aims to improve the energy performance of the building with a 15 to 20% reduction in annual consumption.

Therefore, it contributes to the financial health of the business and makes life easier for employees in the daily management of these tasks.

Why choose Retail EnergyBox?


A tailor-made solution adapted to your needs.


Up to 20% savings on your electricity bill and a return on investment in just one year.

Consumption monitoring

The assurance of being able to control all your consumption: real-time monitoring and alerts in case of over-consumption.

Consume less

Reduction of ecological footprint: less consumption and therefore, less CO² emissions.

Intuitive interface

An interface that allows you to easily modify the power on/off parameters of the different equipment.


Making life easier for your teams by setting up an intelligent energy management system.

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