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Our systems significantly reduce energy costs while reducing the environmental footprint of brands.
The energy operator can then see in real-time the consumption in his points of sale via a web interface.

The Energy Retail Box has recently been implemented in several stores of the LolaLiza clothing chain.

To meet the specific needs of the client, Memoco has developed a solution to optimize electricity consumption through the control of lights and air-conditioning through six specific events:

  • If alarm off: 20% of the lights on.
  • 5 minutes before opening: 100% of the lights on.
  • During the day: control of the air-conditioning with a defined temperature.
  • When the store is closed: 80% of the lights off and air-conditioning off.
  • When activating the alarm: 20% of the remaining lights off.
  • At a set time: switch the store window lighting on or off.

The project aims to improve the energy performance of the building with a 15 to 20% reduction in annual consumption.

Therefore, it contributes to the financial health of the business and makes life easier for employees in the daily management of these tasks.

What do I get with a free trial?

During a free trial, we place a “monitoring case” in your store for 15 days, which analyses your energy consumption every 15 minutes.

The monitoring case allows us to measure the electrical consumption of the various circuits present in the main circuit breaker box in a non-intrusive manner. To do this, Memoco installs the case in the monitored premises and downloads the data to its servers to produce a report on the measured consumption and possible savings.

The case is powered by the electrical cabinet and is autonomous (no need for an electrical outlet or network).
In most cases, the installation of the case can be done without cutting the panel. Only one of the sub-circuits will be cut in order to connect the power supply and the voltage measurement of the case.
After a period of free trial monitoring, a detailed consumption report is issued.

This free trial, can highlight the possible savings thanks to the use of the Energy Box.

Technical specifications

  • Capable of monitoring any combination of 24 single-phase and 8 three-phase circuits
  • Adjustable granularity (15min by default)
  • Data transfer via 4G
  • Provision of a monitoring report
  • Installation possible without cutting all the circuits
  • Simulation of the impact of an EnergyBox possible

Why trust us?

Memoco’s Energy Box is recognized both at the national and international level.

Two labels have been awarded to the Energy Box.

  1. The Energy Box is one of the first projects to get the Solar Impulse label!
  2. The Energy Box has been chosen to represent one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the Union Wallonne des Entreprises.

And on top of that, several major retail chains already trust us: Lola Liza, H&M, G-Star,…

Label Solar Impulse Foundation - 10/2020

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