The beaconing of the wind turbines by luminous lights, white during the day and red at night, signals their presence to the army pilots and it is therefore not necessary for them to be active if there is no training or intervention. 

This is a problem that is often raised at monitoring committee meetings. Being able to extinguish them is a wish of local residents, improves integration into the landscape and is also a step forward for a sustainable energy transition. It was necessary to find a system that perfectly met the security criteria of the Belgian army. 

It is GreenWatch, a Walloon technological developer, who designed the solution presented Wednesday in Wavre by the company Eneco. This system has been active since 25 October 2019 on the Molembaix wind farm, to ensure its reliability. 

The lighting time of the lights on the wind turbines has been reduced from 100% to 32% and the return of local residents is positive. The dynamic beaconing system will therefore be extended to the Ciney, Boneffe, Turnout, Zelzate, Zeebrugge, Neufchâteau and Berloz wind farms.

Source: Sud Presse article (25/06/2020)


> Consult Balisage dynamique – Revue de Presses – 25-June 2020

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