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Wind turbine

A solution for light pollution from wind turbines

A solution has been found for the wind turbine light nuisance! Memoco has developed a new technology that allows to activate or deactivate the lights remotely and according to the needs. This solution was first used by the company Eneco on several wind farms and, as you can see on our page, Luminus has recently decided to install it on some of its wind turbines. You want to know more about this technology? Contact us!

Solar Impulse solution

The Solar Impulse Label for our Energy Box solution

We are pleased to announce that our “Energy Box” solution has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label! To meet the specific needs of the client, Memoco has developed a tailor-made solution: the “Energy Box”. It allows the optimisation of electricity consumption through the control of lighting and air-conditioning. The aim of this solution is to improve the energy performance of buildings with an average reduction of 15 to 20% of annual consumption. The

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Innovation made in Belgium

The lights on Eneco’s wind turbines can now be switched off remotely. Wind turbines are constantly growing in Wallonia. And it is not about to stop, since their number should double by 2030 to meet the Region’s CO2 reduction objectives.  Improving the rate of acceptability of these large mills is therefore a major challenge for the operators of the sector. Third in importance in Belgium, Eneco has just presented a system that goes in this

Innovation made in Memoco
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Lights on Eneco wind turbines can now be switched off remotely

The beaconing of the wind turbines by luminous lights, white during the day and red at night, signals their presence to the army pilots and it is therefore not necessary for them to be active if there is no training or intervention.  This is a problem that is often raised at monitoring committee meetings. Being able to extinguish them is a wish of local residents, improves integration into the landscape and is also a step


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