We are not a team by wearing the same jersey,
we are a team by sweating together!

Memoco is a young and dynamic team, eager to make its mark on tomorrow’s world by contributing to the development of sustainable solutions.

The combination of the skills of each employee makes her a true “Swiss knife” always on the lookout for new challenges!

Our team internally covers all the layers of IIOT projects (Industrial Internet of Things), i.e., the Internet of Industrial Objects.

Innovation, reactivity, and adaptability are our strengths.

Design office & project management

We ensure the management of your project from A to Z: from sales to after-sales support, including installation.


Tailor-made solutions

Our solutions reflect our know-how:

  • in the production of electronic boards
  • electrical boxes
  • mounting of metering cabinets
  • but also in embedded software development.


Expertise & experience

Our expertise is also perceptible, through the provision of collected data which once processed and analyzed, are available on an interface also developed according to the needs.

Positive change is the uncertainty that feeds creativity and becomes innovation.

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