Production management


PREMASOL “PREdicting and MAnaging SOLar power production” means: “Fighting for the active management of solar power production.”

This green project, financed by the Walloon Region within the framework of the Marshall Plan 2, was coordinated by Memoco. The objective was to provide a software as a service (SaaS) platform to :

  • Ensure the rapid detection of malfunctions in solar installations equipped with a monitoring device.
  • Predict the energy production of a collection of solar energy installations managed by grid operators throughout Belgium.
  • Manage solar energy installations connected to low-voltage distribution or smart grids.

The objectif of the consortium :
To develop 4 tools

1. The tool for monitoring and maintenance of the installations

Rapid detection of malfunctions in monitored solar photovoltaic installations.

2. The PV solar electricity production forecasting tool

Prediction of the electricity production of a park of distributed (and located in Belgium) PV solar installations.

3. The inverter control tool

Local and remote control of solar photovoltaic installations connected to a low voltage (LV) distribution network.

4. The centralized analysis and control tool for LV networks

Simulation and real-time visualization of the state of an unbalanced three-phase distribution network.

Our partners

This project is supported by the MecaTech Cluster and the Support Committee made up of representatives of network operators
(Elia, ORES, RESA, SIBELGA, Régie de Wavre) and regulators (CWaPE, BRUGEL).

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