Repurchase of Green Certificates

Consume less, but above all better!

The Memoco team at your service

Do you wish to be relieved of the administrative procedures related to the declaration and resale of your green certificates?

You’ve come to the right place!

  • Index declaration to the SPW Energie or to the Vlaams Energieagentschap
  • Redemption of green certificates
  • Payment of green certificates to your bank account
  • Status of Declarations & Green Certificates grants on My Memoco
  • Administrative assistance

Do you need administrative assistance for the management of your green certificates?


Management & redemption of green certificates

Based on the data of your remote meter reading, we make your index declaration to the SPW Energie or the Vlaams Energieagentschap (VEA) automatically every trimester.

Once the certificates are granted by the SPW or the VEA, we take care of the resale of these certificates, and the profit of the sale is paid directly to your bank account.

The purchase price per unit is defined according to the market and is recorded in a green certificate purchase agreement between the producer and Memoco.


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