Ecological and economical electricity



As a self-producer, you play an essential role in the energy transition.
You contribute on your own scale to accelerating this process. 

Our main concern is to help you consume less and, above all, better!

To this end, our solutions are adaptable to your needs.

Photovoltaic monitoring

Memoco develops technological solutions allowing the acquisition, processing and provision of data flow in real-time, reliably and securely.

These solutions are intended for many users: owners of photovoltaic and heat pump installations, managers of electrical energy distribution networks, etc.

5.814 installations

The photovoltaic park monitored by Memoco consists of 5814 installations located mainly in Wallonia and Brussels.

Among them, we find a majority of residential installations but also many so-called industrial t-type installations whose power exceeds 10kWp.

Do you have a residential or industrial installation?
Our solutions are totally adaptable!

Production follow-up

Memoco monitoring allows you to control the performance of your photovoltaic installation remotely and to have real-time information on the metering of your production.

The smart meter retrieves production data from the plant to our servers every fifteen minutes.

This data is processed, analyzed and displayed directly on a personalized My Memoco interface.


  • Precise metering of photovoltaic production
  • Electrical analysis: network quality and voltage analysis
  • Long-term performance monitoring: production quality compared to neighbouring facilities with similar characteristics
  • Alerts in case of non-production or non-repatriation of data older than 48 hours
  • Monthly production reports
  • Exports of production data
  • Access to a personalized platform: My Memoco
  • Follow-up by one of our technicians or redirection to a qualified installer in case of anomaly detection
  • Technical & administrative support service

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Studies and consulting office

Photovoltaic production metering

On-site installation

Data collection and analysis

Project management



Our team coordinates the placement of photovoltaic monitoring systems.

In particular, we have managed the installation of several municipal infrastructures, such as Publisolar.


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