Metering cabinets

Since 1982, our team has specialised in the design of products for metering systems.

Our know-how ranges from the design, manufacture, and installation of complete systems of industrial metering cabinets and enclosures. Our expertise is recognized by energy professionals in Belgium and abroad.

We have equipped the majority of Elia’s metering stations (800 stations) with intelligent cabinets for remote reporting and monitoring. A real added value for the electricity transmission network operator in Belgium!


Consulting & engineering office

Design of energy metering systems

Manufacturing and industrialisation in our workshop (ISO)

Metering calibration control

On-site installation

Metering data repatriation

Validation and commissioning of metering systems

Processing of metered data

Follow-up and maintenance

Project management




Our team is capable of industrializing the production of electrical cabinets in a large series: production of over 800 metering cabinets at two metering points for RTE (French Electricity Transmission System Operator) within 5 years.

We are reactive and can adapt to the specific needs of our customers:

  • Design and production of compact single-point metering cabinets for RTE.
  • Design and production of 4-point metering cabinets for RTE.
  • Design and manufacture of test and training benches for RTE training centers.
  • Design of 4-point metering cabinets for offshore wind turbines.

Our experts can design and develop complete and customized products, both hardware and software. For special applications, such as tele-operable offshore metering cabinets (remote control).

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