Our history

Renewable energies and digital transformation :

the two facets of the energy revolution!

Since 1982, Steel has been an expert in energy metering and management.

At the beginning of 2020, Steel acquired GreenWatch, which develops solutions for remote monitoring of photovoltaic production, as well as control solutions for the wind energy and retail sectors.

Together, they gave birth to Memoco and continued the development of their activities.


Today, Memoco is equipped to facilitate the energy transition through the development, implementation, and follow-up of technological solutions in energy metering, monitoring & control.

Memoco creates customized and reliable solutions, combining electronics, hardware, and software, in the energy sector.


Metering, Monitoring and Controle

We share our experience and know-how.
We manage projects in collaboration with major stakeholders in the world of energy, as well as research and development projects.

Our solutions are designed for the real estate, industrial, and residential sectors. Companies managing electricity transmission and distribution networks, as well as companies active in renewable energies (photovoltaic, wind…), will find answers to all their needs in our extensive range of hardware and software.

Nous partageons nos expériences et notre savoir-faire.
Nous gérons des projets en collaboration avec des grands acteurs du monde de l’énergie, ainsi que des projets de recherche et développement.

Memoco, powered by Steel & GreenWatch

Our commitment? To meet customer needs in the fields of remote monitoring and energy control through pragmatic, professional, and sustainable solutions.
Jérôme Kervyn de Meerendré


Since 1982, Steel has specialized in energy metering and management. Providing metering solutions? That has always been the core business of Steel.

  • Consulting
  • Studies & workshop assembly
  • On-site installation (ISO)
  • Validation and start-up of installation
  • Monitoring and maintenance of metering

All these steps can be carried out by a qualified team that is concerned about the issues at stake after commissioning.

Steel also assists installers of photovoltaic cells and another renewable energy metering in their choice of metering through sustainable solutions. That is how the paths of Steel and Greenwatch crossed…


GreenWatch was created in 2009 in the heart of Walloon Brabant. This dynamic company develops technological solutions that enable the acquisition, processing, and provision of data flows in real-time, reliably and securely.

  • Photovoltaic monitoring
  • Energy management, wind beaconing
  • Development of alerts in case of non-production
  • Monthly production reports
  • Redemption of Green Certificates
  • etc.

Greenwatch has been able to develop advanced know-how made available in different sectors: commercial spaces, real estate, wind power, or even residential.

GreenWatch is also involved in the research and development of sustainable solutions in the field of smart grids in collaboration with several Belgian universities and MIT in the United States.

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