Tailor-made solutions

Together, let’s facilitate the energy transition
of your business!

Are you looking for a customised solution that combines : electronics, electricity and software ?

Thanks to our pragmatic and multidisciplinary approach, we guarantee a balance between innovation, technical expertise, and adaptation to existing constraints and infrastructures.

Our dedicated team has technical know-how combined with more than 30 years of experience !

Find out how we can adapt our solutions to meet your business needs.

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We take care of your requests, confront them, and advise you until their realization: technological studies and development; in the field of energy.

Our professional and multidisciplinary team is a true Swiss knife: reactivity and versatility!



We do everything possible to integrate the tool or solution into your existing infrastructure or system.

Our standards: excellence, ISO compliance, and technical expertise.



We have a creative approach to building custom solutions, combining electronics and software.

We develop custom software and hardware according to your needs (monitoring, measurement, piloting, control…).



Our solutions use open or proprietary communication protocols adapted to your infrastructure and business application.

Also, our technical criteria relative to cyber-security ensure secure data transfer.



Short- and long-term data storage: according to your needs, we set up data storage solutions

Our mastery of storage tools ensures more agility in the processing and delivery of data to your applications.



For more lightness and security, our solutions can also be made available to you in the form of APIs.

We can guarantee the integration of external data with other information sources.



Our solutions allow us to detect non-standard values, an indication that a problem is occurring in your installation.

An alert is then transmitted to the responsible teams via SMS or email.

Furthermore, our tools allow you to evaluate the criticality of an alarm and to prioritise curative or preventive actions.


Data returned to the applications are processed using decision-making algorithms that optimise responses.

If required, control signals are transmitted as advice to your control systems. They can validate this action and will be responsible for applying it to the process under control.



Our technical criteria for cybersecurity ensure secure data transfer.

Single Sign-On (SSO) allows users to authenticate themselves only once throughout a session. This system also allows us to effectively control accesses.


  • Our largest site in operation has more than 550 meters in all energies (electricity, water, gas…). Thanks to the reliability and the association of different technologies, the site of more than 20 buildings are managed in near-real-time for all its users.


  • Our team can connect an energy meter (small 25S60 type boxes) to one or more fluid/energy meters.


  • We are proud to have taken up our last great challenge with flying colors! We realised a metering cabinet for offshore wind turbines connected to the European transmission networks.


Consulting & engineering office

Assembly in our workshop (ISO)

On-site installation

Validation and commissioning

Follow-up and maintenance

Project management

Energy data management

Why choose us ?

Creative approach

Construction of customized solutions, combining electronics and software, in the energy sector.

Swiss knife

Our professional and multidisciplinary team is a real Swiss knife: reactivity and versatility!

Metering cabinets

Excellence and technical expertise (ISO, procedures...) are part of our standards.

Social responsibility

At the heart of our corporate philosophy: we work to reduce energy costs.

Reduction of energy consumption

We work to reduce consumption and optimize energy production while maintaining user comfort.

Leitmotiv: facilitation

We take care of combining all the necessary technical elements to develop monitoring and control solutions.

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