Wind turbine

We are addressing the challenges related to the energy transition while complying with the constraints of the specifications


Do you want to monitor head cabins?

Do you need to read Green Certificates meters remotely?

Monitoring problems to be solved concerning your wind farm?

Parc eolien

To meet the growing needs for monitoring and control of distributed sites in the energy sector, our team has fully developed a unique monitoring and control gateway: the GWio.

This reliable, flexible and competitive solution centralizes data flows and can be used in wind farms but also in other fields, including energy and building management.

The GWio is remotely programmable and allows the acquisition, storage and sending of all types of measurements to the Memoco cloud :

  • captors
  • energy or water meters
  • inverters
  • batteries
  • home automation devices
  • alarms
  • cameras…

Our team will be pleased to meet your needs!

Why choose us?

Creative approach

Development of customized solutions, combining electronics and software, in the energy sector.

Swiss knife

Our professional and multidisciplinary team is a real Swiss knife: reactivity and versatility!

Metering cabinets

Excellence and technical expertise (ISO, procedures...) are part of our standards.

Corporate social responsibility

At the heart of our corporate philosophy: we work to reduce energy costs.

Reducing energy consumption

We work to reduce consumption and optimize energy production while maintaining user comfort.

Leitmotiv: facilitation

We take care of combining all the necessary technical elements to develop monitoring and control solutions.

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