In January 2020, Steel and Greenwatch joined forces with the desire to evolve together.
Memoco was born from this alliance.

Steel has always been committed to an irreproachable and ISO quality policy.

Today, Memoco’s ambition is to continue to uphold the standards set by Steel.

ISO 9001

Controlled quality
Controlled and constantly improving manufacturing processes

ISO 45001

Safety of personnel and facilities
Follow-up of laws on personnel safety

ISO 14001 

Respected environment
Controlled and constantly improving pollution

The objectives in terms of quality, safety and environment are :

  • the satisfaction of customer needs and requirements
  • the safety of products and services
  • the prevention of personal injury, property and environmental accidents
  • minimizing the negative impacts of Steel and its activities on the environment
  • and compliance with legal and other regulations to which Steel has subscribed


Our policy is based on the support and active participation of all staff in this process. To achieve this, Steel advocates problem prevention and continuous improvement.


ISO certificate

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The guiding principles of this quality, safety, and environmental policy are :

  • The clear identification and satisfaction of the needs, expectations, and quality and safety requirements of both internal and external customers.
  • The commitment to comply with the legal and other requirements to which Steel has subscribed.
  • The prevention of accidents and incidents (safety & environment), including the obligation to provide safe working conditions.
  • Analysis and prevention of risks related to the commercial, political, economic, and environmental context of the company.
  • Analysis of Steel’s environmental impact, including pollution prevention.
  • The constant measurement and questioning of the modus operandi, to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to workers’ consultation.
  • Steel is committed to complying with the principles of the quality system as described in the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14000:2015, and ISO 45001:2018 standards, and urges everyone to participate actively in this process.

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