The ageing of oil-immersed high-voltage power transformers is a concern to be taken into account by electricity network operators and managers. The prevention and rapid detection of breakdowns are essential measures to avoid incidents with sometimes serious, but always very costly and unnecessary consequences.

Our partner MTE offers monitoring devices for high voltage transformers, the Hydrocal 1001 and Hydrocal 1001+ devices.

All high-voltage power transformers are equipped with Buchholtz protection relays, the ultimate safety device of a transformer.
However, when this relay reacts, it is often too late…

Hydrocal is an instrument that continuously analyzes the gas emission level of the transformer’s oil cooling system.
It is indeed a measuring device that allows the monitoring of the aging of a transformer to manage more efficiently a high voltage substation. It is, therefore, a device for preventing failures on the network, such as fires and explosions …


  • Analysis of the ageing process
  • Visualization of actual trends: gas concentrations, charges, internal temperatures, state of the oil cooling system
  • Better planning for the replacement of aging transformers
  • Prevention and rapid detection of faults, avoiding major electrical incidents.
  • Preservation of specific or strategic transformers
  • Reduction of insurance premiums
  • Reduction of on-site personnel services
  • Instant availability of recent data
  • Easy communication and reporting
  • Particip software solution


Consulting & engineering office


On-site installation

Follow-up and maintenance

Custom reading software

Project management

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Thanks to our multidisciplinary and pragmatic approach, we guarantee a balance between innovation, technical expertise, and adaptation to existing constraints and infrastructures.

Placement of a Hydrocal in an offshore station (Gemini project).


We have a creative approach to build customised solutions, combining electronics and software in the energy sector.

We have equipped one of Air Liquide’s high voltage transformers (Charleroi – Belgium) with a Hydrocal and a continuous dissolved gas monitoring system.



Our professional and multidisciplinary team has the necessary qualifications for work in high voltage substations: reactivity and versatility.

In particular, we have installed Hydrocal for Elia (Belgium).


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