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The production data collected by the monitoring system are sent by GPRS connection to the Memoco servers, allowing real-time monitoring of the performance of the photovoltaic installation through the “My Greenwatch” interface.

In addition to the monthly production report, an alert is sent to the producer in the event of non-production or of non-sending of data for 48 hours, in order to avoid a prolonged loss of production.

Each quarter, the indexes are automatically sent to SPW for the granting of Green Certificates. The payment of the CVs is done within 30 days end of month after the granting.

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If you no longer have your access codes, please contact our support service who will provide you with your username with which you can create a new password.

To do this, go to my.greenwatch.be and click on “Forgot your password? “. An email will be sent to you with the procedure to create your new password.

The annual subscription to Memoco monitoring costs 110€/year. A 20€ reduction is applied in case of payment by credit card.

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There are two ways to renew your annual subscription:

  • Via My Greenwatch: If you have already registered your credit card, the renewal will be done automatically at the expiration date of the subscription. If you have not yet registered your data but you want to activate the automatic renewal and thus benefit from a 20€ discount, you have to connect to my.greenwatch.be. Go to the “configuration” tab, fill in the fields with your credit card details and select your subscription type: simple monitoring or monitoring plus legal protection insurance.
  • By bank transfer: transfer the sum of 110€ (simple monitoring) or 139€ (monitoring + legal protection insurance) to the bank account BE58 3631 4013 9879 with the following communication: “name + first name + renewal”.

If you have a buy-back and subscription agreement, the indexes are automatically sent to SPW every quarter. Payment is made at the end of the month after the green certificates have been granted by SPW.

You can at any time visualize the status of your declarations and the granting of your Green Certificates on my.greenwatch.be.

Every day the production data are analyzed, in case of non production or non sending of data for 48 hours, an alert is sent to the producer by email and sms.

We invite you to regularly consult your My Greenwatch production site as well as your monthly production report to follow the performance of your installation.

Based on the information in our possession, a tax will soon come into effect for owners of photovoltaic panels for the use of the electricity grid. The price of the tax will depend on the amount of electricity that will not be directly consumed and therefore fed back into the grid. The cost will therefore be calculated on a case-by-case basis and will vary according to each installation, region and grid operator.

Find more information on the website of SPW Energie.

Memoco takes care of the day-to-day administrative procedures for your photovoltaic installation with the SPW, the network managers and the installers. It is essential to inform us of any changes to your installation, whether administrative or technical.

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In Belgium, it is generally accepted that rainfall and wind are sufficient to clean the panels. However, if you observe a drop in production or a film of dirt on your panels, it may be useful to proceed with a cleaning to maximize the performance of the installation.

Be careful, this is a dangerous operation that must be carried out with appropriate products. It is therefore strongly advised to call a professional for this intervention.

The inverter is the centerpiece of the photovoltaic system. It is used to transform the direct current produced by the solar panels into alternating current suitable for the electrical network.

Your inverter does not switch on or displays an error message? First of all, make sure that your inverter is powered up and that the circuit breaker is switched on.

If the inverter does not start up again, contact us directly for a diagnosis either by telephone on +32 (0)10 47 13 61 or by e-mail.

Beforehand, please have the serial number of your inverter and the error message of the inverter (if there is one).

Our monitoring allows you to see any significant drop in production thanks to its production and network quality indicators. You will avoid long periods of downtime.

Real Estate

Our solution is intended to simplify the management of energy consumption in order to facilitate the rebilling to the occupants but also to make savings.

Indeed, after having identified the most energy-consuming items, improvement paths can be identified. Our metering system also allows us to establish a profile based on the consumption of the different energy sources, which will help us to negotiate rates with the energy supplier.

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The assurance of paying only for what they actually consume and thus benefiting from an attractive rate.

The metering system placed in each of the surfaces brings back the consumption data of each type of energy on a personalized platform. From then on, it is quite easy to charge each occupant their fair consumption according to the rate applied by the supplier.

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The metering system can help you save money because it will give you the consumption of each surface. From there, you will know which surfaces consume the most energy and you can then work specifically on a surface to reduce consumption.

For a meter to be quickly integrated into our solution, it must communicate via one of the following protocols (M-Bus, Modbus, pulse output)

The cost of the solution for a site/building is a subscription linked to the number of metering points and the number of tenants. This cost does not take into account the possible installation of metering devices.

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Your count data and distributions are available on a web interface that will allow you to visualize your count data via graphs and tables. You will also be able to retrieve your distributions on this same website.

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