Consumption management


In recent years, with the increase in renewable energy sources, it is important to mitigate the risk of energy shortages and losses by taking advantage of all available sources of flexibility. It includes managing peaks and troughs in residential energy consumption.

The innovative GAC “Active Consumption Management” project, initiated in 2017, is part of an energy evolution aimed at ensuring the stability of distribution networks and better integration of renewable energies.

A “proof of concept” (demonstration of feasibility) is put in place to test the interest of a residential aggregator on the Belgian electricity market. This full-scale test includes about 50 houses in a district of the city of Wavre and will be completed in 2020.

It is important to optimize electricity consumption by managing the most important sources of domestic consumption, such as boilers, washing machines, heaters, heat pumps, swimming pools, electric cars, etc.

Our expertise at the service of the project

Development of the web application (responsive) & coordination of the co-creation workshops conducted by the ULB.

Implementation of monitoring and data processing (production and consumption)

Hardware and software development: implementation of machine control via the GWio (control and communication gateway)

Our partners

We are coordinating this project, supported by the Marshall Plan, in collaboration with our partners:

R2EC Project

The research project “Regional Renewable Energy Cells (R2EC)” started in May 2019 and is aimed at collecting actual consumption data and studying the contribution of regional energy cells to the success of energy system transformation.

A group of about 50 households in Austria, Norway, and Wallonia is contributing to this research project. Some are electricity producers (via photovoltaic panels, wind turbines…), and others are consumers.

By using renewable energies produced locally and regionally and in a reasonable way, we observe a reduction in energy consumption, and therefore a reduction in costs related to the distribution network (reduction on the invoice). 

Our expertise at the service of the project

Development of consumption optimizations thanks to our expertise in software development.

Monitoring of installations (production and consumption).

Definition of technical solutions, allowing the control of household appliances thanks to our knowledge of the home automation and general electronics market.

Our partners

The R2EC project runs until 2022 and aims to provide valuable information to make the energy system of the future sustainable, economical, and resilient.

This study is taking place in the framework of European funding (ERA-Net), in collaboration with our Belgian partners:

In a changing environment,
there is no greater risk than standing still

Energy Forecaster

Energy Forecaster is a unique, innovative Belgian project that will allow the development of new services through the exchange of data between all stakeholders in the energy market.

The end-user is placed at the center of the equation and will be able to adapt his production and consumption to his needs thanks to an open and secure digital communication platform.

For example, by avoiding consumption during peak periods, he will be able to optimize his energy bill. It also makes the electrical system more efficient and sustainable.

Our expertise at the service of the project

  • Development of the application based on the previously developed GAC application
  • Web development adapted to mobile platforms
  • Development and implementation of P1 dongle port
  • Expertise in the design and deployment of new hardware and software solutions

Our partners

The network managers Elia, Fluvius, ORES, Sibelga, and Resa have launched the IO. Energy (Internet of Energy) project, in collaboration with the corporate world, research institutes, and public services.

Of course Memoco is a stakeholder! 


Did you know, for example, that if
everyone changed their LED light bulbs,
we could probably close down
a nuclear power plant!


The Smart Auto Consumption Collective (SmartACC) project aims to set up “proof of concept” to improve this collective auto consumption in SME parks or mixed situations (housing, shops, and professional structures).

To do this, SmartACC proposes to develop a generic solution, both hardware and software, that will facilitate the creation of energy communities. At present, there is no “turnkey” solution to set up such communities.

Our expertise at the service of the project

  • Monitoring of production and consumption
  • Development of the GWio ( control and communication gateway) to optimize its use (1GWio for several buildings)
  • Expertise in hardware development
  • Interfacing with storage systems (batteries)
  • Responsive software development
  • Improvement of the GAC application

Our partners

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