Real Estate

Energy metering is essential for the

implementation of savings strategies.

Are you active in the real estate sector?

  • management of office buildings
  • of shops
  • or multi-purpose spaces?

As a building owner or manager, it is essential to be able to reliably determine the building’s energy consumption and to be able to distribute the costs fairly among the various occupants.

Our solution allows you to group the metering of different energy sources: electricity, water (hot and cold) and gas to simplify the management of consumption and the re-invoicing to the tenants.

Consumption management

  • Energy savings thanks to a rigorous follow-up
  • Analysis and verification of the energy supplier’s bills
  • Identification of the most energy-consuming stations and ways to better control them.
  • Simplified administrative follow-up: distribution of energy charges based on reports.
  • Comparison of consumption between the different sites
  • Visualization of consumption via a personalized interface
  • Cost control: possibility of being able to negotiate the energy purchase price
  • Respect for the environment through responsible and controlled consumption
Real estate parc immobilier


Numerous partners active in the Real Estate field have been placing their trust in Memoco for several years.

Amongst others, we can mention the realization and placement of a metering infrastructure for COFINIMMO and BNP Paribas.

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