Software & hardware

Connected to industrial sites, our software programs use your metering data. The web interfaces we develop securely display your energy consumption.

The program allows you to remotely measure, monitor and control the metering data.

Our ability to build customized solutions, combining electronics and software, in the energy sector has led us to work for a wide range of customers :

Major companies

Liège Airport, UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve), Sagrex, Holcim, Veolia, inbw...​.



Real estate parks

Cobelpro, BNP Paribas Real Estate, AG Real Estate, LeasInvest, Cofinimmo, Banimmo, CBRE, Alides, Cushman & Wakefield....

This software allows :

  • Repatriation of metering & dataloggers
  • Configuration of meters & dataloggers
  • Data storage in a database
  • Data visualization (graphs – tables)
  • Setting up reminders
  • Sending notifications
  • Data export
  • Generation of reports (financial or consumption reports)

We make it a point of honour to take into account the characteristics of each client :

  • electricity, water, gas, hot and/or cold
  • number of sites and/or buildings to be managed
  • data format
  • visualization needs…


Consulting & engineering office

Customised reading software

Quality and reliability of repatriated data

Automatic alert system

Secure interfaces


Technical intervention

On-site installation

Project management


Facilitation is one of our leitmotivs. We take care of the combination of all the technical elements necessary to develop monitoring and control solutions.

We have equipped Liège Airport with hardware solutions for more than 1 300 metering points.

Our expertise led us to work for the UCL (University – Belgium). We are omnipresent in the hardware and software solutions of the UCL with about 165 meters in service (hardware and software solutions).

Our first multi-energy site (electricity, gas, water, hot, cold) was the Watson-Crick site in the Mont-Saint-Guibert area. Today there are about 200 metering points via meters and dataloggers.

Our software/hardware solutions allow us to recover the consumption of these metering points and to generate allocations to distribute the costs of the supplier invoices to the tenants of the site.

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