Our daily challenge is to guarantee our customers quality, tailor-made solutions.
Fortunately, we are not alone in achieving this!

Memoco works with trusted partners specialized in energy metering and management.

The partners you need to guarantee
the proper functioning of your installations.

KoCoS is known worldwide for its manufacturing of test equipment and systems.

KoCos is a leading manufacturer of test systems and measurement technology for use in industrial and public power systems.

EDMI has installed millions of smart and multifunctional meters worldwide.

EDMI’s smart metering solutions are of the highest quality and comply with standards.

From product design to impeccable after-sales service, EDMI meets our requirements with flying colors.

The Arteche Group, with almost 75 years of experience in the electrical sector, offers solutions and devices with a high technological component: measuring transformers, secondary injection test blocks, relays…

Arteche always aims at excellence, from an ethical, responsible and sustainable environment.

MTE is a company specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of precision electronic systems.

Their product line includes meter testing equipment, power quality analyzers, transformer monitoring systems (Hydrocal)…

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